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ofune wind-up boat

A dreamy Hinoki wind-up boat that will transport your little one's bath time to the purifying forests of Japan. Hinoki is an ancient cypress wood native to Japan. Light-weight, antimicrobial and naturally resistant to humidity, it's been used for centuries in Japanese bathhouses. Which makes it the perfect material for a bath toy too. To set your "ofune" to sail - first, wind the rotating knob on the top of the boat. Then, place in the bath or small pool and watch the Mama boat tug the baby boat around and around in circles! [contents] : 1x main boat 100 x 65 x 65 (mm) 1x mini boat mini boat: 50 x 32 x 45 (mm) [materials] : 100% hinoki cypress wood / fabric (mini boat mast) [ special care ]: Please read these directions on how to care for hinoki wood before purchase.